Thursday, June 16, 2011


In my attempt to find something to write about, I couldn't think of any. But, lastnight some people I was with started talking about how amazing Britney Spears's new song {"Till the World Ends"} is. Well, it is amazing, and I thought I would blog about her newest album {Femme Fatale}. I love Britney Spears. This album is one of my favorites this year. It's safe to say that Britney has made a comeback. 

I, personally love the old Britney and the new Britney. Except her "Blackout" album. That was when she was a trainwreck. I really don't know what she was thinking with that album. Anyways, her tour for this album starts {I think} today. Don't hold me on that because I am not sure at all.

I also heard that she will actually be dancing more in this tour. Her past few one's...she really hasn't danced. The only dance move she really did was a leg kick.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post of {randomness}

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{Falls Creek}

Ok, so I can't find a picture to go with this blog, soooo, here it goes.

Every year, my church goes to a youth camp named Falls Creek. This will be my 3rd year going & I am pretty excited. My first year {2009} was probably the funest week of my life. I am looking forward to this year because, well, I always look forward to it. I am going July 4-8. I was considering not going this year for different reasons, but I am going. {YAY!}. We all get so close to each other and we hate leaving!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Days...

I've been doing absolutely NOTHING lately. Well, this morning I started my 6 hour driving for Driver's Ed and it was okay.

Annnyyywayyss, I've been letting my hair grow out for I don't know how long, but I am considering chopping it off again! I don't know if I'll do it yet, probably not. Maybe just a trim, but who knows! Annnddd the color. Right now, it is brown with blonde highlights. I kind of want to go all dark, but I don't know. It's summer and I want to keep summer colors. Then, if I go all dark, then I might have to get semi-permanet. That means I can only go darker, not lighter! :( I know for a fact if I go all dark I will want to put more blonde in it. I just know it!

July 4-8 is Falls Creek for me this year. It will be my 3rd year. I am just going to pass the time before Vegas. I wasn't originally going to go this year, but why not?! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011


This weekend has been filled with a lot of laughs.
Especially since I saw The Hangover Part 2. It's hilarious. I really needed a good laugh with everything lately. It definitely was a "breath of fresh air"! Especially since Bradley Cooper is in it. ;)

The countdown has begun! Well, not really. Our vacation to Las Vegas is in July and I am super excited! We're staying at the Bellagio again and I am super excited. I feel like I didn't do enough last year, even though we did everything. I have a feeling that this year is going to be 10 times better then last year. I'm sosososo ready to get out of Oklahoma for a week. To be able to get away from life for a week is going to me Ah...Mazing and relaxing. And believe me, I NEED to relaxing for a week out of state!

May TV Show Season {Finales}

As some of you may know, May is when all the big Tv shows have their season finales. It's called "Sweeps". I don't know why they call it that, but I just know it's for ratings.

Desperate Housewives
I don't know if any of watch {or you may watch it, but I have no clue if you're addicted to it like I am.} it, but it's very addicting. They just ended season 7 a few weeks ago. It left us with a cliffhanger. I was so surprised at the ending. I really wasn't expecting it. No, I am not going to ruin it if you haven't watched it. Some of you may go to ABC's website, or rent it off iTunes. But if you haven't seen it, go watch it!

This is one of my all time favorite shows! The season finale included the Glee Club going to nationals and it was super amazing and hilarious. It was filled with laughs and good music! :) I am proud to see I am a "Gleek"!! I have many many many Glee Cast Show Tunes of songs on my iPod. I love most of their covers that they do of songs. I have no clue what my favorite episode it or who my favorite character is!

American Idol
American Idol just ended last Tuesday and I was so happy about the outcome. Scotty is the winner! I love his voice. It's sosososo pretty! I know he will go far in the country music industry!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Driver's {Education}

This past week I took the classroom part of my Driver's Ed. It was pretty fun, althought all the car accident commercials we watched were horrible and not fun to watch. They're really a wake up call because that's what really happens when you drive recklessly.

Anyways, I learned a lot and I do the driving part of the class June 7,8, and 9th. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm really not nervous behind the wheel of a car. I go driving with my PaPa from time to time and he used to be a Driver's Ed teacher. So, I'm totally comfortable. You can't be nervous behind the wheel of a car.

On the other hand, the rule in my house is when you get your permit, you get your car. I really don't know what I want. My budget ois $30,000, so they're are a lot of choices.

My first choice is a Chevy Camaro. That's what my brother got {SIDE NOTE: He really didn't care what he got, he just wanted a car. But everyone knows that they want a new car. I know I do and I am not afraid to admit it.}

My second choice, is a Hyundai Genises Coupe. They seem small and one that I could drive. But my dad is the main decider. He wants me to get an American Made and a GM car.

My third choice is a Dodge Caliber. They look super cool and they have a lot of room for people.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Sweet Summer Time...

Ohhh sweet summer are finally here! I have been waiting for you for {it seems like forever} a long time!! Anyways, summer has started for me, but it hasn't been so sweet. I went to a party at a friends house on Thursday night and it was super fun! I had to say goodbye to two of my very bestfriends who I love and who I will miss very very much. But to me, it's a see you later!

I realized this past school year that I have so many amazing friends that I have been blessed with. I never want to loose them. {I get teary eyed just at the thought.} I have known some of them since Pre-K and its amazing how time flies by. I can't believe I'm going to be a Sophomore soon and some of my bestfriends will not be there.
 {*Sniffle* *Sniffle* *Tear*}

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Today was the Royal Wedding with Prince William and Kate Middleton. I did watch it! {Yes, I got up at 3AM to watch the wedding!} It was such an amazing wedding. Catherine looked absolutely GORGEOUS in her wedding dress! I loved watching the ceremony. Watching this makes me want to go to England one day!! :) It looks sosososo pretty and I would love to see Westminister Abbey and Buckingham Palace. The ceremony was held at Westminister Abbey and the Queen's reception was held at Buckingham Palace. England looks so pretty! {I love to why not?!}

Kate Middleton's wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous! I am in love with it!!

Westminister Abbey

Buckingham Palace

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Music!

Kevin Hammond
I recently just discoverd him the other day! I was "song hunting" on ITunes, and I found his song called "Broken Down" and it is AMAZING!! I love it sosososo much. {It's been on REPLAY for a while!}

I can't think of a title for this one, but here it goesss!!

School is almost over.....YAY!! I'm so excited!! I'm ready for it to be over. Anyways, this September, I get my learner's permit! {YAY!} I'm so excited. I also get my car when I get my permit. I have no clue what kind I want. Since my brother got a 2010 Camaro for his first car and I have fell in love with it, that's probably what I'll get. I want something that has very good gas milage. {Gas prices these days, SHEESH!!} I have some other choices in mind that have really good gas milage, but I can't decide!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Movie Time!!

Yesterday, I went to see Scream 4 with some of my very close friends. It was an OKAY movie. It was obvious and kind if corny, but overall, it was a desent movie.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Time

Over the weekend, I went to see the movie Insidious. It is a very scary, but good movie. I've heard mixed reviews about it, but it's very good. I needed to see a scary movie. The last one I saw was Paranormal Activity 2. {I think Insidious might have been a little bit scarier.} Anyways, it is a definite "go see".

Here's the trailer!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My Little Kitten Is Finally Home!!

My little kitten, Chuy had to go to the vet this week to get fixed. What we thought was going to be a simple deal, turned into SURGERY!!! I was sosososo worried this whole week about him! He is finally home. I missed his little cute face so much. I loved hearing his purr whenever I got home...It was amazing! He is so special to me. I LOVE getting to come home to him everyday! He has to wear a cone on his head so he won't pick at the stitches. I hate seeing them, and I hate seeing him in that cone! I want to take it off, but he'll lick or pick at the stitches. Anywaysss, I'm just happy my little kitten is home...FINALLY! It felt like forever!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A little motivational...

Today the 9th Grade and to an assembly and Allen Johnson was the speaker. He is so motivational! He gave us little tips to help us remember things that we learn in school! It was pretty amazing! This is the second time that he's been to Cache. We want to see him back before school is out. He leaves for Africa {or South Africa} in May. He is verry excited, but he said that he wants to come back and talk to us more. The last time he was here, we played tons of games and did lots of fun things. This time it was the same, but we did some different things. He is so hilarious, and it was awesome getting to hear him speak again!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


As you already know, my family, and I are going to back to Vegas for a vacation this year. I was told the other day that we might make a road trip and drive back to Los Angeles, CA!! I miss it sooo much! I went a couple of years ago back in 2009, and it feels like it's been forever! I'm sososos happy that we might be going back. We didn't really do all the things that we wanted to do,  but we got to do a lot of things. The shopping is awesome there, too! I might also get to see my friend Justin! I've missed him!!

There is so much to do there. We walked around Hollywood for most of the days. Seeing Universal Studio's was awesome! Seeing where one of my favorite shows {Desperate Housewives} is filmed! We didn't see any celebrities, though. I want to this time if we go. I love going to walk downtown and look at the Skyline. It's so BEAUTIFUL! Going to the Griffith Observatory is one of my goals this year. I know what it looks like during the day, but I want to see it at night. It's probably so peaceful. My dream is to have a house overlooking the Skyline. It's probably such a peaceful scene whenever people get up.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In the past week, or almost a week, not a lot of things happened! School is almost over and I am so excited about that!

Anyways, I went to church tonight at Lawton First Assembly and I also stayed for my friends Matt and Marcie's reception. They're moving to Tulsa and I am so excited for them! They're such a blessing! I wish them nothing but the best! They're two amazing people {Friendly. Nice. Caring. Funny. Inspiring. And So Much More!}

I'm gonna miss you two SoSoSoSoSoSOOOO Much! Love You Both!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break...Is Over!

Ahh...Spring break! I miss it so much. It was so hard getting up for school this week. I'm still in "Spring Break" mode, but I need to get back into "School" mode. Ughh. Hopefully next week will be better...I can only hope! Anyways, this week was a pretty good one, but I'm just ready for school to be over. I hope these next weeks of school fly by. I know I'm excited about school being out, but I will miss all my friends! I'll miss getting to see them everyday, talk with them, and laugh with them. This school year has BY FAR been one of the best ever! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

How Cute are Khloe Kardashian's Hats??

How cute are Khloe Kardashian's animal hats? I want to know where she got them!! They're so adorable! :)

Photo Credit: Wagner AZ/Pacific Coast News; Elder Ordonez/INF

Nine More Weeks....

So, only nine more weeks of school left. SO excited!! I'm ready for a break! I am so tired of getting up early and being tired all day. Summer, is going to be fun, but I don't know how fun... YET!

We're going back to Las Vegas this summer and I am so ready! I miss it so much! I hope to do what I did last time, but even more! We leave on a Monday and come back on a Friday. We're staying at the Bellagio {we stayed there last year, and we LOVED it so much, that we decided to stay there again}.

I want to go to the Sugar Factory, the place that you see on TV Shows and commercials. It looks verry cool in there, and I want to go see it. There's a new one that just opened by Paris {I think} and that's right across from the Bellagio, so why not?! I want to do a lot more shopping than we did last year. I plan to go to all the outlet malls, and the Mircle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and also the Fashion Show Mall. I want to back to MGM Grand and see the lions. They're so CUTE, {I know they could bite my head off, but they're still adorable} I want to sit and watch them play for a while and then get a little stuffed lion.

I want to go back to Serendipity. They have the most amazing icecream and desserts EVER! I want to try their new Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate! It looks so good and sounds even better.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some of the People That Mean the Most

Christopher Moy

This is Christopher Moy. I have known him for about 2 years. He is one of my bestfriends. He is smart, funny, {handsome}, random, fun, and such a sweet heart. Even though he lives in New York, we try and talk as often as possible. I'm always here for him no matter what! He is seriously my bestfriend! I can't believe it's almost been 3 years!! He's such a blessing!! We got along great and I never knew there was someone as sweet and funny as him! I NEVER want to loose him. {NEVER}! 

Krystal Barbato
This is Krystal Barbato. We've been friends since 6th grade. What can I say about Krystal? Hmm... {For one, this is an old, not recent picture of us}. Well, she's funny, smart, and we already decided that she is going to be my lawyer and I'm going to be her dentist. Haha! We have so many crazy memories together... Krystal's Neighbor's Tree {insider}!

Logan Lambert
This is Logan Lambert... Who I miss sosososo much. He is such an amazing person, and he is one of my very best friends. He is so funny, smart, fun to hang with, and so much more. He moved to Piedmont last year and I wish I could see him more. Looks like I need to make somemore trips to the city!! We had so much fun together the last school year he went to Cache... I miss him!!

Rachel Muse

Rachel Muse..... Is super hilarious. We always laugh about pretty much Everything! Haha! We both LOVE Justin Bieber... Nuff Said!

My Daddy!
Even though I don't have a picture of my daddy and I, I love him to death. He works so hard for me and has always given me an incredible life. I have no clue what I would be doing if it weren't for my dad. We laugh at the same things, like pretty much the same stuff, and we get along well. I know he'll always protect me... No matter what! I love him so much. I don't express it enough to him though. I need to change that. I know he'll always take care of me. I know that he'll always be here for me. We need to have more Father-Daughter-Days. I can talk to him about {almost} everything. Haha!

Janet Tanner
What can I say about Janet? Hmm... Well, I've known her for pretty much as long as I've been going to school. She's definitely one of my bestfriends. Of course, her and a few other of my friends came up with this joke last year. I asked: "Danielle, Do I have anything on the back of my jacket?" Danielle replied: "No, you don't. Wait! You have "uren" on you jacket." {My last name is VanB"uren"} HaHa! So, to this day, she always tells me and jokes with me about it. I find it funny now, but I didn't back then!

2011 So Far....

The year 2011 is going pretty well for me. I am pretty excited about this year. I feel like some amazing things are going to happen this year, and I can't wait for them to happen. School is going good, life in general is going well. I am excited for school to be over, and summer to begin. I can't wait to go to Vegas again this summer. I miss it so much.

Spring break went pretty well. We lost one of our dear friends in a horrible car accident. Penny Cable was killed in a car accident over Spring Break. She was such a good friend to everyone. She could make anyone laugh. She was always such a good friend to me, and I will always be greatful for that. We all miss her. She was pretty much friends with everyone. She was very well-liked. Life just isn't going to be the same without her.

I've decided to make some changes in my life... I have no clue what changes I'm going to make, and they're going to be very hard, but I have to. I just need motivation. I know I need to make a number of changes.


Welcome to my new blog! I am excited to start sharing with everyone. I haven't really done this before, but I have had some expirence. I can use some help along the way! :)

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