Saturday, April 2, 2011


As you already know, my family, and I are going to back to Vegas for a vacation this year. I was told the other day that we might make a road trip and drive back to Los Angeles, CA!! I miss it sooo much! I went a couple of years ago back in 2009, and it feels like it's been forever! I'm sososos happy that we might be going back. We didn't really do all the things that we wanted to do,  but we got to do a lot of things. The shopping is awesome there, too! I might also get to see my friend Justin! I've missed him!!

There is so much to do there. We walked around Hollywood for most of the days. Seeing Universal Studio's was awesome! Seeing where one of my favorite shows {Desperate Housewives} is filmed! We didn't see any celebrities, though. I want to this time if we go. I love going to walk downtown and look at the Skyline. It's so BEAUTIFUL! Going to the Griffith Observatory is one of my goals this year. I know what it looks like during the day, but I want to see it at night. It's probably so peaceful. My dream is to have a house overlooking the Skyline. It's probably such a peaceful scene whenever people get up.

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