Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Days...

I've been doing absolutely NOTHING lately. Well, this morning I started my 6 hour driving for Driver's Ed and it was okay.

Annnyyywayyss, I've been letting my hair grow out for I don't know how long, but I am considering chopping it off again! I don't know if I'll do it yet, probably not. Maybe just a trim, but who knows! Annnddd the color. Right now, it is brown with blonde highlights. I kind of want to go all dark, but I don't know. It's summer and I want to keep summer colors. Then, if I go all dark, then I might have to get semi-permanet. That means I can only go darker, not lighter! :( I know for a fact if I go all dark I will want to put more blonde in it. I just know it!

July 4-8 is Falls Creek for me this year. It will be my 3rd year. I am just going to pass the time before Vegas. I wasn't originally going to go this year, but why not?! :)

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