Monday, March 21, 2011

Nine More Weeks....

So, only nine more weeks of school left. SO excited!! I'm ready for a break! I am so tired of getting up early and being tired all day. Summer, is going to be fun, but I don't know how fun... YET!

We're going back to Las Vegas this summer and I am so ready! I miss it so much! I hope to do what I did last time, but even more! We leave on a Monday and come back on a Friday. We're staying at the Bellagio {we stayed there last year, and we LOVED it so much, that we decided to stay there again}.

I want to go to the Sugar Factory, the place that you see on TV Shows and commercials. It looks verry cool in there, and I want to go see it. There's a new one that just opened by Paris {I think} and that's right across from the Bellagio, so why not?! I want to do a lot more shopping than we did last year. I plan to go to all the outlet malls, and the Mircle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and also the Fashion Show Mall. I want to back to MGM Grand and see the lions. They're so CUTE, {I know they could bite my head off, but they're still adorable} I want to sit and watch them play for a while and then get a little stuffed lion.

I want to go back to Serendipity. They have the most amazing icecream and desserts EVER! I want to try their new Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate! It looks so good and sounds even better.

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