Saturday, May 28, 2011

Driver's {Education}

This past week I took the classroom part of my Driver's Ed. It was pretty fun, althought all the car accident commercials we watched were horrible and not fun to watch. They're really a wake up call because that's what really happens when you drive recklessly.

Anyways, I learned a lot and I do the driving part of the class June 7,8, and 9th. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm really not nervous behind the wheel of a car. I go driving with my PaPa from time to time and he used to be a Driver's Ed teacher. So, I'm totally comfortable. You can't be nervous behind the wheel of a car.

On the other hand, the rule in my house is when you get your permit, you get your car. I really don't know what I want. My budget ois $30,000, so they're are a lot of choices.

My first choice is a Chevy Camaro. That's what my brother got {SIDE NOTE: He really didn't care what he got, he just wanted a car. But everyone knows that they want a new car. I know I do and I am not afraid to admit it.}

My second choice, is a Hyundai Genises Coupe. They seem small and one that I could drive. But my dad is the main decider. He wants me to get an American Made and a GM car.

My third choice is a Dodge Caliber. They look super cool and they have a lot of room for people.

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